Risha Tenae 

I can see a better world and I am excited about getting there!

I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama.  In Mrs. Meads 5th Grade Class at E.P.I.C. (Educational Program for the Individual Child) School, I was "bitten by the bug" after I was cast as the "Evil Mother", in a play that I have long forgotten the title of . Not only did I have the time of my life rehearsing and performing in this play--the name of which I still can't remember--other people enjoyed watching it---and me! Not just classmates and other students but...Adults! One of those adults was the school guidance counselor, Ms. Rudolph. Ms. Rudolph enjoyed it so much, she thought I should try to attend A.S.F.A. for my 7th grade year. Knowing that the school had an excellent academic reputation, my parents agreed. So, at the age of 12, I auditioned for and was accepted into the Alabama School of Fine Arts as a Theatre Major. I had No Clue what I wanted to be when I "grew up" but nothing fascinated and excited me more than Acting and Theatre as a whole. Fast forward to Senior Year and multiple opportunities to be a practicing Thespian. I auditioned for several colleges and universities and was not only accepted but awarded scholarships. After visiting the campus, I chose Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I fell in love with the Red Brick...and corn fields...and athletic fraternity boys...Sigh. When it was finally time to say goodbye, I knew my next move would be Los Angeles, specifically, Cal Arts. California Institute of the Arts M.F.A. program made me an Actor, an Artist, a Theatre Practioner. It is also the place where I began my work as a Teaching Artist. Acting and Teaching Theatre. I found my calling. Chicago is home, now and I have discovered that it is truly an Actor's Playground. There have been highs--like, really high--and lows--really, really low--and there will continue to be. But I have found my calling. My wish is that you find yours--and act on it!

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Risha Tenae 

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